No matter the business is newly established or existing, it will try to get a loan from a bank, but this is often a waste of time. Keep in mind that banks along with guarding your money, guard a few secrets. Firstly, they won’t tell you that the larger they are, the longer you will have to wait for every step, from meeting with an advisor to getting approval to receiving the financing. Secondly, if you apply for a loan at a bank you’ve worked with before, the chances are you won’t receive any special benefits for your loyalty. Thirdly, banks often aim to reject small business loans as the loans aren’t a profitable financial product for them.

Since thousands of good businesses can’t get the funding they need from a particular bank, many go to alternative lenders and get overcharged. At Capitex, we proudly believe that small Canadian companies deserve better treatment. You should be able to get rapid and straightforward financing without overpaying. We offer:

$25,000 CAD - $250,000 CAD

Get a small business loan that builds up your credit and opens up new possibilities.

Easy Online Application

Qualify in minutes without visiting a branch or spending hours on paperwork.

Better Rates

Save up to 40% compared to a merchant cash advance and other online lenders.

Our Loan Process

No Early Payment Fee
Different Payment Options
Quick Approval

Small Business Loan

Looking for financing for your small business? Allow us to help you through the process. Our Small Business Loan program is designed to help quickly and easily access the funds you need. Our terms are flexible and affordable.

You can apply within minutes, get a free quote and receive a loan fast. Every small business needs a financial boost when starting and Capitex Finance is ready to help!

Depending on your unique small business needs, our Capitex Finance team can help you with the loan that will boost your business growth. Apply easily through our online application system and get the money you need in minutes!

How Capitex Finance Might Help?

Quick reliable funding

Capitex Finance will provide loans based on your unique small business needs while the funds will be available quickly.

Flexible and affordable

Our rates are flexible and affordable to suit every budget, and we offer various payment options.

Proudly Canadian

Capitex Finance is a leading financial supplier in the focused on serving clients in Ontario, Canada.