Frequently Asked Questions


We are a fast, convenient alternative to the banks for you to get your Money faster. After 10 mins application, you can get 10 thousand dollars in your pocket.

We have greater flexibility in terms of whom we can approve and lending criteria that’s easier to meet. When banks don’t approve we are here to help.

Currently we are operating in Ontario; other provinces coming soon.

You can reach us from the contact page; or by
Phone: (416)-622-4121

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Our Loans

This is based on various factors, but is mainly determined by your credibility, stability and current income.

We ask the following documents;

  • 2 pay stubs
  • Last 30 days of banking information
  • Recent bill address to your current home
  • A government photo ID

Within 2 hours you will see your approval in your account profile.

Your funds will be automatically transferred to your bank account, once you are approved.

We offer unsecured personal loans with terms of 6 months-36 months.

Our interest rates are varying from %4,49 to %4,99 per month.

If you cannot make a payment according to your payment schedule, please contact us to discuss options available. We encourage our customers to be proactive and contact us early if you’re experiencing financial hardship. We will try our best to make new arrangements to avoid any stressful situations.

To avoid fees, delays, or charges at your bank we require minimum 3 business day (72 hours) notice prior to any payment due date.

The amount you can borrow from us will depend on many factors that are built into our system. We offer loans between $2,000 to $10,000 and you can apply for as much as you need. Once our secure system has determined your approved amount, simply acknowledge your loan agreement, and we’ll deposit your funds directly to your bank.

There is an administration fee between the $2,99-$6,99 amounts which is fed into your payments regarding loan terms an payment methods.

Simply use the slider on the loan calculator to select the amount, term, and payment frequency for a desired loan and our calculator will then estimate the payment amount that would apply.

On the due date, you are required to make a transfer to us according to to your payment schedule.

You are welcome to apply for your next personal loan after your final payment has cleared. Our customers can only have one loan at a time.

Payment dates are set up on the same schedule as your payday. We find this to be the most convenient and best way for our customers to repay and avoid additional late fees. For more information related to your payments, you can refer to your loan agreement. Also in your My Account, you will be able to review your payment history as well as all upcoming payments.

Absolutely! We encourage you to pay down your loan faster by accelerating your payments. There are no penalties to accelerate your loan payments. If you wish to do this, please contact a member of our Customer Care via email or give us a call @ 1-877-880-3099.

If you think you may not be able to make a payment for any reason, please contact us The sooner you get in touch with a member of our Customer Care team, the faster we can put together a plan that works out best for everyone. Failure to pay your loan could result in a negative impact on your credit rating. You could also incur additional fees and damage your relationship with Capitex Finance, making it difficult to be approved for future loans.

Capitex Finance is unable to offer loans to clients that do not have a valid Canadian bank account.

We check your credit history, regarding the amount, default durations and some other parameters we decide whether you qualify for our loan. It is worth a try!

Yes, we report all our information to the credit bureau. This helps our clients build a credit history.

Unfortunately, you cannot qualify for a loan through Capitex Finance unless your bankruptcy is discharged.


For a successful application:

  • A Canadian citizen.
  • Actively employed with a minimum monthly income of $1,500. Unfortunately, we are not able to consider applications where primary income is from disability insurance.
  • Have online banking with a Canadian financial institution, a personal email address, and a mobile phone number we can contact you on and provide updates related to your account.

Yes, all customers applying for our Personal Loan need to be actively employed.

Yes, to better serve you, for us to be able to send you the funds, first there needs to be a verification of your online banking.

We ask that all Personal Loan applicants have a minimum Fair to Good credit score and above. However, credit score alone is not a determinative parameter so don’t hesitate to apply just because you think your credit score is low. We are here to help with those who have a low credit score.

Most common reasons why our customers are declined are:

  • You currently have an active loan with us (we only allow one loan per household at a time).
  • You are using a VPN (virtual private network) that is reporting your location outside of Ontario.
  • You are not actively employed.
  • You did not meet our minimum credit requirement.
  • You did not meet our minimum age requirement (20 and up).
  • You did not pass our electronic ID verification.
  • The banking details you provided us did not match what your bank responded with.

Unfortunately, we can’t disclose how our system processes this, but it is important to know that the decision can change as your financial situation changes.

Yes, Ensure you provide as much accurate information you can. If you are not approved, we welcome you to try again as we do not penalize our valued customers based on the number of applications submitted. We also consider customers with many different credit histories including poor credit or bad credit loan applications.

We are working with Credit Bureaus and some data companies; with getting the consent of yours we are verifying your bank account.

Our automated process consider many elements of your application to determine our best loan offer for you. This considers your personal financial situation and history, as well as the costs associated with the loan. Because we are a responsible lender, we offer our customers an amount that best suits their current needs based on their financial history.

Yes, currently we are accepting Personal Loan applications from customers on Social Assistance. We will carefully assess your ability to repay your loan and provide you an instant decision. Unfortunately at this time, we cannot fund Personal Loans for individuals receiving income from ODSP or disability insurance.

Your Account

Capitex Finance Faq Your Account

You can change your address once logged into your account by clicking the My Profile link and navigating to the Primary Address section.

You can change your email address once logged into your account by clicking the My Profile link and navigating to the Personal Details section.

You’ll receive a verification message at your new email address, please verify your address so we know it’s you.

You can change your phone number once logged into your account by clicking the My Profile link and navigating to the Personal Details section