In-store financing is a convenient way to buy what you want, whenever you want, without paying upfront. This type of financing agreement is offered directly through the store where you are making a purchase. It gives you an opportunity to buy the desired items when needed and the flexibility to pay for them later on.

There are a variety of different stores across Ontario offering in-store financing including:

✓ Electronics Outlets
✓ Furniture Stores
✓ Hardware Stores
✓ Wholesale Retailers
✓ Retail Stores
✓ Music Shops

Capitex Finance is a third-party company that you can use as a payment option for your purchase. In the in-store financing scenario, once we receive customers’ applications from the merchant, we run a quick check to ensure you as a customer are eligible for this type of financing. If approval is granted, we pay the merchant the full cost of your bill. That is a stress-free and reliable way to get money for your purchases rapidly.

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Store Financing